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H&T is a boutique production company that supports its independent non fiction and experimental work by providing highly creative audiovisual services to individual clients and institutions. We are also proud to collaborate with other filmmakers doing production, cinematography and edit. Besides our core team we work with a great range of fantastic artists that enable us to provide the highest level of quality, creativity, value and emotional satisfaction for all of our clients.


Our clients include: Morena Films, Architecture and Design Film Festival, Reddymade Design, SAYA!, IESE Business School, OneLove Music, STF, Locomotion Music, King Juan Carlos I Center at NYU, IIFF DOCS, JONSAR Studios, Narativ, and The World Economic Forum.


Our latest non fiction work includes themes such as gender & chronic illness, the economy of death, creative processes and the history of tears. We explore this themes through different documentary modes and experimental approaches.



ruth somalo

Ruth is a director, producer, editor and cinematographer with 15 years of experience in the audiovisual field. Her work has been shown in theaters, festivals and museums nationally and abroad, including the Verdi Cinema Theatre, Contemporary Art Center Matadero de Madrid, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Cinema du Réel, ADFF,  L'Alternativa, Documentamadrid, MOMA PS1 (Expo1) and at the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam (Spanish Cinema Without Fear). Her video work has received many awards; notably she is a Seventh Annual Television Academy Honoree as a producer for the series Screw You Cancer directed by Cathryne Czubek. She is also a Curator and film programmer that works in NY and often collaborates with other artists and filmmakers.


maria Fernandez pello

Social and visual researcher passionate about human life and cultural expressions, who actively believes in the need of a first-person approach and a deep, personal engagement as means of the research process.
She has studied digital photography at Bath College and holds an MA in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester. After several years working in TV and Commercial Production, María moved to New York City to work as project coordinator for Spanish cultural institutions such as the Spanish Board of Tourism in the US, the Cervantes Institute, and the Spanish Consulate.
She is currently working on her project Searching for Duende, an ethnographic exploration of the so-called "downtown" improv music and the experimental jazz scene in NYC.


sandra ruesga

Sandra holds a Bachelor degree in Communications (Complutense Univ, Madrid), Political Science (IEP,Toulouse-France); and a master in Historical Documentary Film. She has worked in film and TV. In 2004 she co-directs the feature documentary “200km” with Ruth Somalo and Discusion14. She has directed many awarded short-documentaries: Jogging my memory, Far away daydreaming on a train, A los caídos, and Through their eyes. She is a programmer for Documentamadrid film festival, and has worked in production for several international film festivals. She currently combines her work as a filmmaker with production work for various international festivals.


Adam Golfer


Ivana Larrosa


Eva Tsoureka


Adam Snow


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