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Estimated Duration: 65 minutes

estimated Completion Date: summer 2021



Director: Yolanda Pividal

Producer: Ruth Somalo

Writer: Alice Markham-Cantor

Associate Producer: Belén Crespo

A WITCH STORY (In post-production)


When she was barely a teenager, Brooklynite Alice Markham-Cantor discovered something that changed her life forever: she was a descendant of Martha Allen Carrier, a woman executed for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. A Witch Story is a feature documentary that follows Alice in a deep investigation into her ancestor’s life. At 24, after scouring archives, reading academic texts, and compiling hundreds of pages of notes on witch hunts, Alice is ready to share her findings in a book. But before finishing the story, she has some last strings to tie up, which lead her to reckon with the fact that for millions around the world, Salem is not over.

A Witch Story is a documentary that re-tells the story behind one of the most notorious episodes of American history, merging with the testimony of feminist guru Silvia Federici to embed Alice’s story in a timeline of violence that stretches from the Great Witch Hunts of Europe and the New World (in the 15th-18th Centuries) to the liberatory struggles fought by women worldwide today.

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